Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tough Morning

I've been thru different diets over the last 20 years and I know that I hit a point of withdrawls and moodiness...I'm there already.  I'm not wanting any specific food...I just want to eat.  I know that I have eaten enough to satisfy my body's needs and therefore the rest is for comfort and out of habit.  I got cranky with my kids today, but after hearing the "voice of reason" (In faith I call it God) tell me that I will get thru this and that I need to give my kids a hug...I did just that.  I asked for their forgiveness, explained to the older ones what is going on with me and then gave them hugs.  It is so theraputic to humble yourself to others.  I feel better now!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Need some great meal ideas

My eating plan is going well...but then again, it is only day 2 :).  I am not following any diet plan.  I'm eating when I'm hungry and eating enough to fill me...not stuff me.  However, I would like some easy, low carb, sugar free meal ideas...since those 2 things are my biggest downfall.   I will try the different recipes and then post them on my menu section.

I will tell you that waiting till I'm hungry has made meal time way more enjoyable.  I'm not eating to eat anymore and therefore I'm tasting the food, slowing down to savor each bite and feeling very satisfied by my meal.  I need to add that my mornings start with a prayer to our Father in Heaven and my night ends the same way.  I know I will not be strong enough to get through the tough times without Him.

September 29, 2009

Thank you everyone for you well wishes and support.  I'm even more excited to push forward.  The first day was pretty easy as I was busy replying to messages in between taking care of little ones.  I know the tough days are ahead...but because of all of you...I'm going to make it.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I am 37 years old today. I'm tired of being fat and buying fat clothes. I'm tired of hitting each birthday larger than the last. I'm tired of using food as a crutch that actually comes back to hurt me. This year for my birthday I have decided to change the way I live. The best way to be accountable is to share my story and my walk with all of you. Please follow me as I battle my food addiction and start on a road to recovery. This is me at the start of my "Lose It For Life" challenge. I weighed in at 262.8 lbs.