Monday, November 9, 2009

Fell Off the Wagon, Finished My First 5K, Never Giving Up

Oh my!  Dear friends and family,  I severely fell off the wagon.  I lost focus and therefore gave in to every little temptation.  I was to the point where I wasn't craving things like pop or candy...but now I am again.  The good news about falling is that you can get back up again...some of us slower than others...but it can be done.  Happily, I'm up again!

One of the reasons I started giving in to the cravings and desires is that I was training for the 5K. I told myself lies.  "Oh, you are working out so hard that a little more calories won't hurt".  The problem isn't the couple of more calories.  It is the MANY more calories.  I stopped tracking and wasn't sure how much I was really taking in.  Well, the scale doesn't lie.  I took in enough extra calories to go back up to 254 again. 

That is okay...because lesson learned!!!!  The good news is that 'I'M NEVER GIVING UP'.  As my friend Amy says...Direction not Perfection!!!! 

I will be adding pictures from my first 5K.  I finished second to last...but I finished!!!  My bestest bud, Corenae and I are doing the 5K Stuffing Strut in Detroit on Thanksgiving morning.  I'm so excited to be doing this with her...something neither of us could ever see ourselves doing 2 years ago.  Lesson here....NEVER SAY NEVER :)

God Bless,


stanps said...

Awesome Beck! Keep it up girl!

Corenae said...

We are going to get this done together!!! Hand in hand baby.....
This is something we both need to continue for our family and ourself. Our bodies are the temple of God and we need to treat them like that. Maybe that is the truth we need to feed ourself instead of the lie from Satan that we deserve more.....
I love you sweetie and it is a priviledge to call you my bestest friend!!!