Saturday, January 16, 2010


I'm struggling so hard to get back on track.  I am in tears as I share this blog with you.  I have regained all my lost weight.  I'm so angry with myself.  I'm feeling the hopelessness of what my future holds because of my addiction.  I'm scared that I will be fat and unhealthy till the day I die.  I fear that my life will be cut short due to my addiction.  I usually don't want to quit trying...but today the thought has entered my mind.  I feel beat.  However, with a dedication to better my life, I will keep pushing forward.  I ask for strong prayers!!!


Corenae said...

Becky...i am walking beside you in tears and frustration.....I am at my wits end! I hate this battle and don't know why it can't be easier. Really it should be simple eat this, not that..tada....but it is sooooo way bigger then that and i hate it!!! I am walking beside you in this battle and I promise to never leave your side!!! We can do this..........

mrsstanps said...

I am right there with you Beck! This world and our rebellion sets us up for failure but we can and will do it! I am frustrated as well, we all know what we should be doing and yet we cave in without even realizing it! When we get frustrated we eat the wrong things or too much, we don't move like we should and we substitute whatever we can rather than going to our Father who will help us, hold us and get us through!

Hang in there! Send me a copy of your food journal for the week and I'll look it over to help you be accountable. :o) We start a new session this week if you'd like to join us. I have a few gals that can't make it on Weds and we are going to email. Let me know if that might work for you.

You are so worth the 'right' eating and moving more. Your kids are worth it, you are, and God has plans for you as you go through this process. I'm putting my rebel in 'time out' and moving on without her. Join me!!!

Wanna come and wii with me in the evening or go skating on Sat morning? I can bring a friend for free :o)

Just think of the example we will be to our kiddo's as we move from being bound by food to being freed from it and fueled by it! :o)

Love you bunches girl!!!! I say we move to the grove for 5 minutes for every hour we crop this weekend!!!! :o)

Corenae said...

How have the last few days gone??? Are you working out??? Me... ate better yesterday but didn't work out because of not feeling well. Today off to a good start but it is only 10....not sure if i will be able to muster up the strength to workout or not.
signed...Frustrated too!