Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day One

Not off to a great start.  I want to wake up by 5am to get my workout in, but it is difficult to talk myself in to it. I will be doing my workout during nap time now.  30 minutes of continuous motion---walking video, 50 sit-ups and 8 push ups.  My friend Amy has planned my workouts but I failed to do them for the past few weeks so it is like starting all over :(

Today, like most others, is a day filled with food cravings.  I need to beat them, but I find it almost impossible.  How do smokers quit smoking, alcholics quit drinking and drug addicts beat the need for drugs?  This is how I feel.

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Corenae said...

That is so the truth it is a drug but we need some of it to survive when is that some??? I hate this struggle right with you baby.....I am back on track struggling a little the past few days but getting back on the horse everyday! i love you sweetie and I am here for YOU!!!!